i think im calmer now like  whatever it is its presence is weaker and i found hte seindesu pixiv tag

cemeterily said: maybe whatever it is is just chillin. maybe iits nice. maybe it thinks you’re not supposed to be there and is scared of you

idk man watever i visualized it looked like the image stuck and it doesnt look too friendly

cemeterily said: hi I just discovered my shadow chinchilla boyfriend

hi jasper thats cool im looking at seindesu fanart and tryign to distract mysefl

im probably not gonna be able to sleep  wats up

there s somethign there theres something there and i know it i know its there but i cant see it i cant see it i cant see it  i ca

im sleepy but th  Corner

brain pelas no i jus wanna have a decent night and not go to sleep scared as fuck

i keep eyeing the dark space in between the bookshelf and the wall its up against like th man is gonan seep out of it im so scared of a thing i cant see

my brain is so  weird and scary i remembr visualizing what couldve been in the corner and it was a dark shadowy man in a trenchcoat with a hat on like i idndt see it i havent ever hallucinated outside of rare hypnagogic stuff just the thought of something like that in here was very 0_________-0